Certified Practicing Accountants

How do we deliver

The needs of our clients are common and vary only in degree, depending on the complexity of the organization. We believe that the main requirements are consistent, technical excellence, service delivery to satisfy statutory and management scheduled requirements, in adherence to timetable and budget.

Our engagement team would conduct on-site visits at significant locations throughout your organization to perform in-depth business diagnostics of operations, accounting policies and internal controls to assess business opportunities and audit risks.

This exercise will normally result in a report to top management with suggestions for action. The dialogue around this report with top management will form the foundation of effective, harmonious business relationship in the future. It offers the additional benefits of:

  • Familiarizing the engagement team with relevant audit risks, opportunities for improving accounting policies and internal controls;
  • Providing an analysis of the client’s key business systems, internal controls and procedures at all important locations. The review will generate business oriented recommendations for improved efficiency and cost saving;
  • Achieving timely and constructive communication with the client’s corporate management in issues and profit improvement opportunities;
  • Avoiding surprises and resultant reporting delays;
  • Providing early warning of concerns regarding the resilience of your essential control and information infrastructure.